A live-streamed virtual event featuring nonduality speakers from around the world.

SEPTEMBER 19-20,2020

✨✨ Event Will Reach Capacity ✨✨


The mission of Nothing Conference is to provide guidance and post-awakening support to enlightenment seekers. 

Join us as we explore and share in the space of being, taking a deeper look into the human experience in this mysterious play of life.

Passes Include

2 Full Days (12 hours each)

2 separate live-stream channels

36+ nonduality speakers and authors

Over 48 hours of livestream talks, interviews, Q&A

Access to pre-recorded interviews

Group breakout sessions with Q&A

Recordings of talks and sessions

Livestream Speakers and Presenters

Tony Parsons

Jac O’Keeffe

Jim Newman

Richard Sylvester

Peter Dziuban

Kenneth Madden

Rebekah Maroon

Tim Cliss

Naho Owada

Andreas Müller

Seth Kostek

Mark Drummond Davis

Pamela Wilson

Brian Thompson

Akilesh Ayyar

Chuck Hillig

Ilona Cuinaite

Rajesh Latkar

Louise Kay

James Sebastiano, Jr.

Paul Hedderman

Sailor Bob &
Kat Adamson

Salvadore Poe

Amoda Maa

Tom Das

Cormac Doherty

Lisa Lennon

Roger Castillo



Contributors (Pre-Recorded, Art, Etc.)




Tim Schofield


Ivan Fürst


Anthony (Blissful Relaxation)

Worldwide Livestream Event